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Your Questions, Answered

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do members of the voluntary benefits access the discounts?

A. Via a branded members website or dedicated help line.

Q. How are the voluntary benefits or flexible benefits promoted to members or staff?

A. Through a dedicated members booklet or directory.
Through email circulars, through links on company or organisational websites, through company or organisational intranet sites, through company or organisational handbooks.

Q. How do members of voluntary benefits or flexible benefits claim their discounts?

A. For shopping vouchers they decide which brand they wish to purchase and in what quantity, they purchase the required amount of vouchers, either on or off-line and a discount is applied at this point, vouchers are then used to pay for goods in the relevant store.
If it is a non-voucher product promoted on the website, they click on the appropriate link for members discounts and follow the instructions given, if it is in response to a written promotion offer they call the dedicated phone lines listed.

Q. How do you ensure members of the public don’t gain access to a closed website?

A. When registering members or staff will be required to enter a number unique to each individual e.g. membership number, payroll number. Each white label site will give an indication of a relevant number that is required to be inputted.

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