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The Oakwood Promotions website has been developed with web accessibility in mind.

To ensure that users across a wide range of browsers are able to access our site, we have conformed with the:
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)
WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative)
WCAG 1.0 Level-A (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 1.0)

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Browsing our Site

Access Keys
The following Access Keys function as Navigational Keyboard Shortcuts throughout our website.
For PC press ALT & Access Key then press enter, for MAC press CONTROL & Access Key.
H for Home
T for Company
K for Clients
P for Suppliers
B for Business Partnerships
F for FAQ
C for Contact Us
A for Accessibility
S for Site Map
L for Legal

"Skip to content" Link
A "Skip to content" link is available as the first item on all pages. Users with browsers such as screen-readers are able to "skip" the navigation links and move directly to the main content.

Site Map
The Site Map has been developed to aid users in navigating our site. The section displays the structure of links and pages within the website.

WCAG 1.0/ WAI-A W3C HTML 4.01 & CSS Legal